Norfolk: Food & Drink

Taste your way around the world in the National Country Show Live Norfolk Food & Drink Marquee where top billed food & drink companies will sell an array of delicious sausages, oils, cheese and confectionery many offering irresistible free tasters.

This year, the Food & Drink Marquee will feature:

•  Alchoholic Tea Liquer
•  Artisan Flavoured Gins
•  Baklava Pastry Dessert
•  Bread
•  Brownies
•  Cakes*
•  Caramel Rum
•  Cheese
•  Cider
•  Cookies
•  Craft Beers
•  Croissants
•  Flapjacks
•  Fudge
•  Handmade chocolate bars and gifts
•  Liquers
•  Liquorice
•  Nuts
•  Olives
•  Pain au Chocolate
•  Pastries
•  Pick & Mix Confectionery
•  Pies
•  Quiches
•  Sausage Rolls
•  Scones*
•  Sweets
•  Vodka

and so much more! For a full list of this year’s show exhibitors, click here

*Gluten and Dairy Free options available


You’ll be able to enjoy hot food and drinks at the National Country Show Live Norfolk 2022 including:

• Burgers
Duck Wraps
Fish & Chips
Hog Roast
 Hot Dogs
Ice Cream
• Coffee
• Tea
• Cold/Soft Drinks
• Alcoholic Beverages

All information correct at time of publication. Aztec Events reserves the right to amend or change activities due to unforeseen circumstances without prior notice.