Bring your dog along to this year’s National Country Show Live where you can take part and win rosettes in our Fun Dog Shows, watch an entertaining and informative display from the Dog & Duck Show, plus enjoy a whole range of have-a-go activities too!

Please Note: All dogs are welcome but must remain on lead at all times unless instructed to by one of our instructors. All dogs must have full and up-to date inoculations and you must clear up after your dog.

All information correct at time of publication. Aztec Events reserves the right to amend or change activities due to unforeseen circumstances without prior notice. Have a go activities may include small additional charges.

Fun Dog Shows

If you’re bringing your four legged friend along with you to the National Country Show Live, why not take part in our Fun Dog Show? With over 20 categories to choose from, there’s plenty of chances for your dog to win a rosette and all proceeds will go to the German Shepherd Rescue Elite. Click here for more information.

Dog & Duck Show

Join us in the Main Arena as trained and untrained sheep dogs herd ducks in this amusing and educating display. You'll learn about common dog behaviour issues and about how these can be resolved - as well as having some fun too!

Mini Agility

Designed specifically for smaller breeds in mind or for those that have never tried agility before, have a go at the fun ‘Mini Agility’ course. Activity is run by Muffin Pug Rescue.


Take part in fun dog scurries, which will be against the clock with prizes to be won! The scurries include a scramble, a long retrieve and an obstacle retrieve. The fastest three dogs get great prizes and special prizes for juniors too. Activity is run by Felleywood Flyers.

Fastest Recall Challenge

This is a test of speed! It’s a high energy canine sport which requires your dog to chase a toy…. then come back on recall. Will your dog be the quickest of the day? All proceeds of the Recall go to the German Shepherd Rescue Elite.


Flyball is a fun, fast sport for you and your dog (any breed, any size) – as long as the dogs are over 12 months old they can play flyball. Bring your dog to visit the team and have a go at this increasingly popular dog sport. Activity is run by Bulliesden Training Club.


Hoopers is one of the UK’s fastest growing dog sports. The activity is based on agility, but is joint friendly making this a great low impact dog sport. The courses are made up of hoops, tunnels and barrels and are great for dogs of all sizes and ages. Activity is run by Bulliesden Training Club.